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Source: Stewart Francis, The Hannays of Sorbie
Mid-15th century* Odo Hannay, earliest recorded owner, takes possession of the Sorbie land.
1485 Latest year by which possession of Sorbie could have passed to Odo's son* Ethe.  The date of Odo's death is unknown.
1503 Robert Hannay dies*.  His son Patrick inherits the Sorbie land, but as he is still a minor, it is administered by his uncle Alexander Hannay.
1532 Alexander Hannay purchases the family property at Kirkdale from Duncan Murray of Whithorn.  [Alexander thus becomes the ancestor of the family branch known as the Hannays of Kirkdale, from which the present-day chief descends.]
1543 Patrick murdered.  The Sorbie property passes to Patrick's son Alexander Ahanna (not to be confused with Patrick's uncle Alexander Hannay, presumably for whom the child was named)
1550-1575 Present tower constructed, probably by Alexander Ahanna.  The structure was referred to in the middle ages as "The Place of Sorbie."
1748 Tower abandoned.
1965 Tower and surrounding grounds given to the Clan Trust by Mrs. Jean Cummings.

* Asterisks indicate a likelihood -- but not a certainty -- of the dates or family relationships, as historical records for the time indicated are unclear.