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Sorbie Tower

Sorbie Tower is the pride and joy of Clan Hanna.

The present Tower is situated seven miles south of Wigtown, in Galloway, Scotland. It was most likely built around 1570 by Alexander Hannay of Sorbie, who took over the lands of Sorbie in 1569. Although still a very substantial building and allegedly built on the remains of an early Pictish fort, it is unfortunately in poor state of repair. Unlike many Galloway tower houses there is no record of recent occupation, and the Old Place of Sorbie seems to have stood empty since the middle of the eighteenth century.

The tower is L-shaped and is built in the likeness of other castles of that era. It rises to three stories and has an attic in the main block. The wing is a storey higher and ends in a gabled watch-chamber. There is no parapet nor walk. A tall stair-turret rises within the re-entrant angle above the first floor level. The bottom corbel of this turret is carved in the shape of a human head. There have been angle-turrets at the corners now reduced to their corbelling. Unfortunately much of the dressed stone of the windows has been torn out. It is a combination of strength, practicality and grace. Its present state gives no real indication of how the tower would have looked in the days of its prime.

(All info gathered from around the internet, mainly from The Clan Hannay Society)