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Hanna(y)(h) Links ----- Highland Games
Good Scottish Sites ----- Miscellaneous

Clan Hanna, Hannay, Hannah Links:

Clan Hannay International Society
This is the official website for the Clan Hannay Society as decided by the Society's meeting in Edinburgh on March 19, 1999. There is great info here on our Clan and you can also join the Society for speacial benefits.

Clan Hanna Society West
This is a satelite of the International Society. It is dedicated to the Hanna(y)(h)'s of the Western United States.

Clan Hanna Info from
General information on our Clan plus links to find information on other clans. Very interesting and informative.

Clan Hanna Info from Electric Scotland
Some more general information about our Clan with a web board (that you have to pay to use) and other links.

Hanna Family Geneology Forum
A truly great message board with all kinds of posts.

Highland Game Links:

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
The Official Website of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering O' Scottish Clans in Linville, NC.

The Charleston Games and Highland Gathering
Highland Gathering in Charleston, SC.

The Savannah Scottish Games
The Scottish Games in Savannah, GA. (page under construction)

The Loch Norman Highland Games
Highland Gathering by the Catawba Valley Scottish Society in Charlotte, NC.

Good Scottish Sites:

King Kiltpin
My personal website dedicated to my Scottish heritage and to "Kilt Rock" music.

Carolina Scots
An historical and genealogical study of over 100 years of emigration.

Scottish Tartans Museum
The Museum is the only American extension of the Scottish Tartans Society in Pitlochry, Scotland. The Scottish Tartans Society is the governing body for tartans globally and maintains the official Register of All Publicly Known Tartans. The Society has two museums--one in Keith, Scotland, and one in Franklin, NC.

Find out who your ancestors were and where they came from.

Family Search
An internet genealogy service provide by the LDS (Church of Latter-Day Saints).